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The 12th General Assembly

The 12th General Assembly of ESEE was held at Friendship International hotel on Oct 19, 2013.

During the meeting, reports from the President of the Society, Chairman of the Audit and Inspection committee and chairman of the Advisory board was heard as per the predefined schedule.

Eng. Amenu Tefera, President of the Society presented in his report that the year 2005 was a foundation year for us to do more for the coming 2006 EFY. He added, Even though the plan we had is for three year, all of the expected activities are not performed this year. But remarkably we can achieve the rehabilitation of the society website and registering above 60 new members. On his report conclusion, he had called all members to actively participate on the society activity and follow the society web site regularly.

Election of different committee members was also done during the meeting. The Audit and Inspection Committee members, Advisory Broad members and replacement of 3 members of executive committee was elected.

Eng. Aynalem Aregawi, Chairman for the temporary Electoral Committee announced that

For Advisory Broad of members
1. Dr. Getachew Bekele
2. Dr. Berhanu Gizaw and
3. Eng. Abdurhaman Mohammed

For Audit and Inspection Comittee
1. Eng. Abii Tsige - Chairman
2. Eng. Mesfin Demoz- Secretary and
3. Eng. Wossenu Abera - Member

For Executive committee members
1.Eng. Addisu Mekonnen - Secretary
2.Eng. Beza Demissie - V/ President and
3.Eng. Amare Assefa - member
had been selected with vote from five nominees for each section.

based on the feedback received during 7th Scientific Conference 6 people were selected as Journal organizing Committee at the conclusion of the meeting. The selected professionals are
1. Dr. Solomon Abebe
2. Dr. Getachew Bekele
3. Eng. Amare Mergia
4. Dr. Getachew Alemu
5. Prof. Ho Yeol Kwon
6. Prof. Sign

In the afternoon session, three different presenters had presented papers. Eng. Amare Assefa, D/ CTO from Ethiotelecom had presented a brief presentation on the Future projects of the ET and major challenges they are facing. As he mentioned in his presentation, the reason why he is presenting the challenges is that to trigger professionals for the solution. He impressed that such professional association shall work in collaboration to institutions like ET in order to deliver better result nationwide.
Eng. Endale Mekonnen had presented the purpose and the how to use of the rehabilitated society website.In his presentation he called up on all society members to regularly check the site and contribute their share by sending article which can be used for discussion forums.
Eng. Solomon Demissie on his part presented three experimental papers including live demo of the findings on the topic related to "Green Energy". The titles of the presentations was
1. Retrofitting Legacy Fluorescent Lamps
2. Thermal imaging for Industrial Applications, and
3. The improved Automotive Products and their maintenance requirement
In his first presentation he demonstrated how energy can be saved by using retrofitting the legacy Fluorescent Lumps. He also demonstrated how the Thermal imaging is add value on the maintenance for power substation, industries and high voltage transmission joints. The last presentation was concluded by recommending the improvement of legacy car maintenance garages to electronic- enabled garages.

The was ended up around 8:00pm after the cocktail reception.