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STEM Center

The world is changing; the multiple issues that we face in the 21st Century invariably revolve around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related issues. Resolving these issues will require enhanced STEM research, but also a STEM-educated workforce and a STEM knowledgeable citizenry, both which in turn require significant improvements in STEM education (before college, at college and across the lifespan). By understanding the above Mr, MARK .. generously leads, innovated and donated the STEM Center.

Equally, the Tigray Development Association (TDA) had played a vital role in the establishment of the STEM Center. The former president and Vice Preident of the Society namely Dr. Frehiwot W/Hanna and Dr. Colonel Alemayehu G/Egziabher are also mentionable personal in the establishment of the STEM Center.

You can read more about the STEM Center and it activities by clicking the menu found under STEM center at the left pane of the page.